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Picture Framing Supplies

Framing hardware, tools & accessories.

All framing supplies are the best quality on the market and we ship anywhere in NZ.

We get many requests for various "bits and pieces" associated with framing, hence the PICTURE FRAMING SUPPLIES section for the DIY framer and those "hard to find" items.

Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours for all picture framing supplies.

Discounts are in the form of, the more you buy of the same product, the less they are per individual unit. You will notice the bulk packs as you browse the products.

If you have any queries or need a product you cannot find here, please send us an email (with an image if possible) and we will find it for you! (99% of the time).

Alternatively call FREE on 0800 372 633 (during business hours).
Picture Hooks

Picture Hooks

Photo Frame Standbacks

Photo Frame Standbacks

Hanging Materials

Hanging Materials

Cord for Hanging

Cord for Hanging


Framing Tapes & Adhesives



Laser Edge - Copy

Framing Accessories