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Why should I buy frames from your website?

We guarantee our frames 100%. All our frames are made in-house to order, made from the very best materials, sourced from New Zealand suppliers. Frames are made with care, precision, clean cuts, clean glass, excellent packaging and everything you need to finish the frame off and hang it on the wall.

What is Conservation Framing?

Conservation framing is the use of materials that protect valuable items. If choosing conservation we substitute three materials over the standard framing, they are:
Conservation Clear Glass screening out UV light, and an archival foamboard backing.
If using a mat in your frame, archival Alphamat is used.

Labels on the back of your frame indicate the "Framed to Conservation Standard"
Conservation Approved

What is Standard Framing?

With Standard framing, materials used are still of a very high quality, however are not "archival". The Clear glass does not screen out UV light, you get an acid free foamboard backing rather than archival. If you choose a frame with a mat, an acid free Novacore matboard is used.
You can learn more about the specifications of these boards by clicking the links.

I need help with finding the frame for my picture & to buy online, what can I do?

Call us FREE during business hours on 0800 372 633 and we can help you out OR simply email us with details and we will get back to you promptly.

What comes with my frame?

When you order your frames you will receive: clear glass, matboard (if you ordered a frame with a mat), backing board, materials for hanging (either a slip-on hanger or cord and D-rings/screws), a FREE picture hook and instructions! See an example with pictures here.

I cannot find a frame to fit my picture, can you make one up for me?

YES, you can email or call us FREE on 0800 372633 with the size of your picture and we will get back to you with a suggested frame to order, then when you order that frame you will come across the "Comments Box". You put the size required in there and we will modify to suit. There is NO EXTRA COST to you for this.

When I order my frame(s) how long does it take to come?

We dispatch frames within 7 - 10 working days, (we make all our frames in house) large quantity orders may take a little longer. Matboards are usually dispatched within 3-5 working days, large quantity orders may take a little longer. Hardware are usually dispatched within a couple of days.

I need frames urgently, like next day! can you do them faster?

Yes, however you should call us FREE on 0800 372633 or email us straight away and we will put a priority on your order.

When I order a frame with a mat border (e.g.) for my A4 item, is the frame A4 size? or bigger?

When you order any of our frames with mat border the frame is always bigger and it is the mat that goes around the size that you want, with the frame then around the mat.
>> View example here

I do not use a credit card, can I still buy online?

Yes, payment can be made by Direct Credit or by posting a cheque.

Do you accept Bartercard?

No, sorry we do not accept Bartercard at this time.

We are a business, can we buy frames on an account?

Framingonline prices are based on purchasing now, online. This lowers administration costs enabling us to keep prices low. We are not currently set up to accept payments through the 20th month following basis.

Do I get a GST Invoice with the frame(s)?

Yes, a GST invoice comes with all orders. The address label on the parcel is the folded up invoice.

Do your frames have glass?

All our frames online come with glass.

What if my frame arrives with broken glass?

We have very effective packaging systems and very rarely get broken glass, if, on the off chance you do, we will replace the glass and/or frame free of charge.