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Picture Hooks

Picture Hooks: 

Our most popular hooks are the the X Brand (Standard & Premium) these are one of the best in the country. They are very strong and made from quality metal that will not bend.
Beware of cheaper imitations, its easy to tell the difference, the hook itself will bend easily when squeezed.

The Premium Hooks below are in fact the same as the standard picture hooks but with a "fancy"nail added in instead. This puts the price up as the nail itself is literally "custom made"

The Miscellaneous Picture hooks include hooks for concrete and "No bend" (manufactured in NZ)

Hanging tip!  If you dont want your picture to start tilting on the wall over time, EITHER hang on two hooks (at either end of the frame hooked under the cord) OR stick a couple of bits of blutack on the two bottom corners of the frame.

IMG 0104(65x59)

Standard Picture Hooks

IMG 0105(65x59)

Premium Picture Hooks

IMG 0110(65x59)

Misc Picture Hooks