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Size Conversion

Welcome to the size conversion tool, we hope you find this helpful for converting inches to millimetres. If you have any questions why not send us an email and we will do our best to help.

More often than not we find documents, pictures, posters, degrees etc. are standard sizes and we aim to cater picture frames for all those common sizes out there. Check out our frame index, this will assist you in finding the correct frame for your picture size and go from there.

If you think you have a standard size that we do not currently provide frames for on our website, you are most welcome to contact us and we can put it online.

Conversion Tool

Enter Inches
Value in Millimetres
For those posters/prints that have the inches written down the bottom (often from the USA) or where you know the inches but not mm, you can use this tool to convert Inches to Millimetres.
NOTE: You must change a fraction of an inch to a decimal point e.g. 7¼ inches would be 7.25 inches.

Standard Photo Size


International Paper Size




A series


4 x 6

102 x 152



105 x 148

5 x 7

127 x 178



148 x 210

6 x 8

152 x 203



210 x 297

8 x 10

203 x 254



297 x 420

8 x 12

203 x 305



420 x 594

10 x 13

254 x 330



594 x 841

11 x 14

279 x 356



841 x 1189

16 x 20

406 x 508




20 x 24

508 x 610




20 x 30

508 x 762




30 x 40

762 x 1016