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Picture Frames

Frames for standard photo sizes.

Very popular among photographers, great for family portraits & stunning NZ landscapes!

The TOP category will give you a frame straight around your item.

The BOTTOM category will give you a mat border around your item first and then the frame.
Obviously the final frame size is bigger (see pictures below).

Find other sizes over at our >> Poster Frames category.

Picture Frames


   8x10 inch (203 x 254mm)

   8x12 inch (203 x 305mm)

   10x13 inch (254 x 330mm)

   11x14 inch (279 x 356mm)

   12x16 inch (305 x 406mm)

   12x18 inch (305 x 457mm)

   16x20 inch (406 x 508mm)

   18x24 inch (457 x 610mm)

   20x24 inch (508 x 610mm)

   20x30 inch (508 x 762mm)

Photo Frames


Picture Frames with a Mat Border



   8x10 inch (203 x 254mm) | Frame size 303 x 354mm

   8x12 inch (203 x 305mm) | Frame size 313 x 415mm

   10x13 inch (254 x 330mm) | Frame size 364 x 440mm

   11x14 inch (279 x 356mm) | Frame size 399 x 476mm

   12x16 inch (305 x 406mm) | Frame size 425 x 526mm

   12x18 inch (305 x 457mm) | Frame size 425 x 577mm

   16x20 inch (406 x 508mm) | Frame size 536 x 638mm

   18x24 inch (457 x 610mm) | Frame size 587 x 740mm

   20x24 inch (508 x 610mm) | Frame size 648 x 750mm

   20x30 inch (508 x 762mm) | Frame size 648 x 902mm

Photoframes with Mat