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Square Frames with Mat

Once you know your size, you can choose from the two categories below.

The TOP category will give you a mat border around your item first and then the frame.
Obviously the final frame size is bigger (as indicated below).

The BOTTOM category will give you a frame straight around your item.

Did you know most LP record covers are a standard 12"x12" size? Just double check your size.

If you have an image that is slightly different to the sizes below, we can do a "size modification" for you. Just pick the frame closest and indicate your size in the "Comments Box" at the Checkout and we will change it... at no extra charge!

Square Frames with a Mat Border

Square Frames with Mat  

5x5 inch (127 x 127mm) Frame size 217 x 217mm

8x8 inch (203 x 203mm) Frame size 303 x 303mm

10x10 inch (254 x 254mm) Frame size 364 x 364mm

12x12 inch (305 x 305mm) Frame size 415 x 415mm

400x400mm Frame size 520 x 520mm

500x500mm Frame size 630 x 630mm

600x600mm Frame size 740 x 740mm


Square Frames

Square Frames  

8x8 inch (203 x 203mm)

10x10 inch (254 x 254mm)

12x12 inch (305 x 305mm)