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Poster Frames

Here you will find standard poster sizes.

If your poster is slightly different to any sizes below, no problem! We can do a frame modification at no extra charge. All you do is find the closest size frame, tell us your size in the COMMENTS BOX at checkout, we will pick this up and make it to your size.

Not what you were looking for? Try our >> Photo Frames; or >> A5 to A0 Frames category.

Have a movie poster? Check out our Movie Poster Frames!

All our frames come with clear glass, backing and hanging materials. The frames come a few millimetres bigger than the size given so your poster will go in easily.

If you are unsure email us the size or call FREE 0800 372 633 (business hours) & we will recommend which frame to get.

   250 x 350mm (B4)



afghan girl


mickey to tiki

   297 x 420mm (A3)

   350 x 500mm (B3)

   420 x 594mm (A2)

   457 x 610mm (18 x 24 inches)

   508 x 610mm (20 x 24 inches)

   508 x 762mm (20 x 30 inches)

   500 x 700mm (B2)

   500 x 800mm

   510 x 810mm

   594 x 841mm (A1)

   600 x 800mm

   600 x 900mm

   610 x 914mm (24 x 36 inches)

   650 x 950mm

   686 x 990mm (27 x 39 inches)

   700 x 1000mm (B1)

   800 x 1000mm

   841 x 1189mm (A0)