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5x5" Mats

Takes a 5"x5" (127x127mm) picture with an even 45mm border around.

Purchase over 25 mats and get up to 5% off!
Purchase over 50 mats and get up to 10% off!
Purchase over 100 mats and get up to 15% off!

White White/Black Core are the most popular, suits any frame and picture.
Cream adds a warmth to coloured pictures.
Black for a defined edge and to make any picture on white jump out.
Mid-Blue suits bright, sunny and fun.
Dark-Blue for prestige and that important document look.
Green works with anything earthy, natural and native NZ.

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We can modify ANY of the below mats FREE of charge. Simply mention the size you want in the COMMENTS BOX at checkout, and we will do this for you.
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5x5 White Mat
NZ $4.00
5x5 Cream Mat
NZ $4.00
5x5 Black Mat
NZ $4.00
5x5 Mid-Blue Mat
NZ $4.00
5x5 Green Mat
NZ $4.00