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Mat Boards

Mat boards for standard photo sizes.

We can do any mats in any size with any number of openings! The five categories below are the most popular, just click through to the option you require for further info.

If you need something unusual or need help you can email or call FREE on 0800 372633 (during business hours) and we will get back with a solution.

There are discounts for orders above 25 of the same mat, on all except multiple-opening mats.

Mats to fit Standard Frames

These mats will fit standard frames, however their borders may be uneven depending on the size you need.

Mats with Even Borders

These are mats with even borders, note that they may not fit standard frames.
SquareMats sml2

Square Mats

Mats to fit square pictures and frames.

Multiple Openings (Photo sizes & A4)

Mats that take multiple standard-size pictures. Note that some of these may not fit standard frames.

Multiple Openings (Square Size)

Mats that take multiple square images. Note that some of these may not fit standard frames.