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Box Frames

12mm space box frame diagram (no mat)These box frames are where we frame to the edge of the image.

Sometimes referred to as "Shadow box frames". All these frames have a spacer inside the frame to space the glass away 12mm from the image creating an aesthetically appealing depth or three-dimensional effect.
If you're looking for Box Frames with Mats, please go here.


Photo Box Frames

   8x10 inch (203 x 254mm)

   8x12 inch (203 x 305mm)

   10x13 inch (254 x 330mm)

   11x14 inch (279 x 356mm)

   12x16 inch (305 x 406mm)

   12x18 inch (305 x 457mm)

   16x20 inch (406 x 508mm)

Square Box Frames

   8x8 inch (203 x 203mm)

   10x10 inch (254 x 254mm)

   12x12 inch (305 x 305mm)





A4 to A2 Box Frames

   A4 Box Frames (210 x 297mm)

   A3 Box Frames (297 x 420mm)

   Super A3/B (A3+) (330 x 483mm)

   A2 Box Frames (420 x 594mm)

Other Box Frames

   250x353mm (B4) Box Frames

   353x500mm (B3) Box Frames