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Alphamat Artcare

Technical Specifications

Furnish: Alpha-cellulose fiber which meets the most stringent standards for stability and permanence.Tests conducted in accordance with TAPPI Method T-401 OS-74 indicate the board to be free of groundwood and lignin.
PH Value: An alkaline pH of 8.9 +/-.4 indicated using TAPPI Method T435.
Buffer: Tests conducted by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy reveal a minimum content of 3% Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate buffers.
Molecular Traps: Contains molecular traps synthesized specifically for adsorption of air pollution gases and degradative by-products of artwork and photographic media.
Color Fastness: Fade resistance established using a Carbon Arc type Fade-O-Meter in accordance with ASTM G-25 for 20, 40, 60 and 80 hours. Alphamat colors shifted less than 2.5 points of brightness after exposure.
Bleed Resistance: No bleed visible after 48-hour submersion in distilled water.
Resistance to Aging: Samples tested in an air circulating oven for 12 days at 100 degrees C and for 10 days in temperature humidity chamber at 100 degrees F and 90% relative humidity. All board components remained unchanged in appearance and strength.
Sizing & Adhesives: Alkaline-based sizing is used. Water-based alkaline adhesive with no solvents is used to adhere component parts of Alphamat boards.
Meets and exceeds FACTS guide for mat and mountboards.